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Legend of the Chichi-Okobee

The Spanish explorer, Hernando De Soto, explored this part of Florida in 1539 and, according to legend, he had his daughter with him.  

Sara met and fell in love with a native warrior by the name Chichi-Okobee (pronounced Chee Chee Okobee).  Unfortunately, he contracted some kind of fever and became gravely ill.

Sara decided to remain with him and nurse him back to health, but she contracted the fever and died.  

Chichi-Okobee was grief-stricken at the loss of his love, and had her body buried out in the bay. He then sent 100 of his best warriors out to the spot where they chopped holes in the bottoms of their canoes and drowned themselves to protect her final resting spot.  

According to the legend, when you see whitecaps on the waves in the bay, the are actually the feather headdresses of those native warriors still guarding her grave. 

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